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"It is imperative to know how to create proximity to our endless opportunities in life and to always preserve our hunger to thrive"

All of us will experience hardships throughout our journey in life, and it can be difficult to reset or to gain a clear view on the purpose we once had prior to our setbacks. There is good news. It comes down to perspective in which we frame our own view of life.

When we are in the eye of the hurricane, we can’t always see beyond the storm; that’s when a mentor can help you. A mentor can help you navigate through the storm, so you don’t stay stuck or stalled so that you get back to the person you really are and do more of the things you love to do that make you feel alive. Don’t settle for average.

Live to cause and create your future.


Founder of Igniting Humanity, Speaker, Performance Mentor, Real Estate and Business Relations Advisor

Know Marlene Quiroz

With a multifaceted and powerful approach Marlene Quiroz continues to transmit and deliver her energy using the 10X system and philosophy. Marlene is a bilingual international speaker residing in the USA, she was born in Mexico City.

Her areas of focus involve: Self Improvement, personal dynamics, personal achievements, acceleration in wealth, dissolving negative patterns and restoring health. She holds an active Real Estate license in Ca, since 2006 and owns 23 years of Sales experience. She is confident and strong individual who has proven resilience making her now a Grant Cardone Licensee and accredited Cardone Capital Investor.

With a pragmatic method Marlene easily identifies and pinpoints the needs of her clients creating proximity within seconds of engaging in contact with her. Marlene welcomes multicultural circumstances while empowering her clients through impeccable commitment and dedication.

Marlene is highly self-motivated, highly intentional person enthusiastic nature who believes in the power of reading, currently studies the works of authors such as Tony Robbins Grant Cardone, Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, Sigmund Freud Rudolf Dreikurs and Alfred Alder and her Personal mentor world renown coach Richard Dolan.